Friday, February 27, 2009

Mr.Right - NOT Mr.TheBest

I have seen people having great expectations for their life partners and keep rejecting every proposal they get. They do not bother how much they hurt the other person for having called and rejected the person, till one day when they are rejected by everyone they propose to. Once you open yourselves to choose your life partner, you should not go window-shopping for too long. If you feel this is not the right time, don't open up yet. Also people who want the best (most beautiful, most accomplished, richest, etc.) may end up disappointed because too much of expectation will lead to greater disappointment. Young girls and boys looking forward to marry a cine star or a model must remember that appearances can be deceiving. You may think that "the best" will suit you, but there is every chance that "you" may not suit the so-called "best", which would be as incompatible as partnering with "the worst.
Remember that nobody's perfect in this world....
Try to accept the person that love you...maybe he is the right for you and the one that you looking yourself to the person that you love...

do u know something about rainbow??

The Colors of the Rainbow

Sir Isaac Newton in his early physics experiments decided the colors of the rainbow were Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Many of us remember them as ROY G BIV. Are there only seven colors? Newton believed in numerology and thought special numbers governed all natural phenomena. Seven is a very special number. There are seven days in the week, seven openings in our head, seven seas, seven continents and many other important sevens. So, of course he found exactly seven colors. In reality, the rainbow colors unite gradually into one another. Our eyes sort them into groupings. How many colors are in the rainbow? Anywhere from three to, as many as, several thousand. It depends on who is counting and what they believe is there. Funny how what we expect to see is often what we see. The color order of the rainbow, starts with red at the outer edge and moves through the colors to violet. The brightness and the width of the bands and colors may vary greatly in an instant of time while you watch a rainbow and are related to the size of the drops that form the bow. The colors at the base of a rainbow are different from those at the top. Most rainbows only contain red near the ground. It is very rare that red is seen at the top of the rainbow. The width of the bow measured from red to violet will be about four times as wide as the full moon. The rainbow's colors are like people, I have never known two to be exactly alike. To really understand the colors of the rainbow study them closely when they appear and come to your own conclusions.

my zodiac - CANCER

Here…I want to tell about the personality of the person that born in this zodiac..
I find out it is interesting because I was born under this zodiac..
Finally…I’ve found myself after I read is true and exactly the same with my personality and characteristic..

For those who have boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend that born under this’ll know and understand about them…


The person born under the zodiac sign of Cancer has a strong sense of family and tradition and is reverent about maintaining customs. Memories are precious to the Cancer and they love to talk about their childhood, and reminisce about past events and shared history. A Cancerian may seem tough, and try to survive by pretending to be indifferent. In fact, horoscope of someone born under the sign of Cancer reveals a soft heart. Your Cancer friends and family members think with their hearts and their decisions are often affected by their emotions. Happily, the zodiac sign of Cancer is not totally focused on the past. Cancerians are very interested in where they are going, and in planning a future that incorporates the interests and happiness of those they love. A person with the zodiac sign of Cancer might be inclined to hide their emotions so that others do not know they are hurt, angry or upset, and therefore you may find it hard to know what they are really feeling. But, beware! Lurking beneath the calm exterior you might discover a long held bitterness or grudge. Cancer will hold on to emotional trauma or hurt and might think that other people should understand what they feel without their having to explain how they feel. Problems, worries and issues may cause the Cancer to draw inward and become silent and moody. Cancerians have an instinctive understanding of how others feel and they care deeply. They are gentle and sensitive and easily hurt. They will do anything to protect their friends and family. Your Cancer partner, or friend is great at listening to your problems, and loves parenting and nurturing others. He or she is smart, prudent and diligent. A person with a Cancer horoscope will thrive as a professor or teacher, in a customer service or hospitality career, or a nurse or social worker. Cancerians love children and often choose work that will put them in contact with youngsters. If you are a Cancerian, you may choose a Virgo or Taurus as a friend, and your best romantic match will probably be with someone also born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, or with a Scorpio. Those born under the zodiac signs of Libra, Gemini or Aries may be a poor match for a Cancer, and while you might be attracted to a Sagittarian or Pisces, you are likely to have some disagreements and to face conflict. If you are born under the sign of Cancer, the Crab, you will always be loved for your nurturing, sympathetic charm. You may be challenged by emotional issues and by your inability to speak openly about your feelings, but your life will make a lasting impression on others who love you for your kindness and your good heart!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

women and shoes!!

Hye everyone…

What’s in your mind when we talk about women and shoes??
For guys..of course they will say that women love shoes, love shopping..rite??

Well…I also agree, emm…because I love collecting shoes and shopping also!!
But..the boys must think in other perspective, positive thinking about the girls because it’s normal thing about women and!

There are many types of shoes, many design we can choose, we have such a choice, there are high heeled shoes and low heeled shoes, stiletto heeled shoes, and sling back shoes, kitten heeled shoes, the choice is endless for women.

There are court shoes, summer shoes, sensible shoes, we have walking shoes and dancing shoes and yes, probably gardening shoes. Oh, and not to forget the awesome bedroom shoes!
For men life is so simple, you go to work you wear a suit; you go to dinner you wear a suit; you have a night out you wear a suit; lunch – suit, funeral – suit, interview – suit. So choosing your shoes is easy. You can wear black shoes with a grey suit, brown suit, blue suit and black suit, but you can’t wear brown shoes with a black suit or a blue suit.

You see so simple.

Women love to shop, well that’s what all you men tell us, and shoes are sold in shops so it is only natural that women are going to love to buy shoes. Shoe shops know this and they place the prettiest, most elegant and impractical samples of shoes right where women will see them.

Women love pretty shoes because it makes us feel feminine, like a woman and properly turned out. Women cannot buy a new suit, dress or handbag without buying the shoes to match. Think about it boys, it would be like buying the new power drill without any drill bits.

And while we are at it boys, you know why women love shoes, women love shoes because men love women and women know that when they put on a pretty pair of shoes that complete her outfit YOU WILL notice her.

So boys, the next time the woman in your life buys one new outfit and four pairs of shoes to match, just remember this, women like to feel properly dressed, women like to be admired by other men, women like to drive you wild in the bedroom and women just plain love shoes!

how to be a good listener???

Hello everybody..

Just want to share for those who read my blog….its about how to be a good listener..

All of us have problems and we need someone to share our problems. Same like me…
So, I have read one article about how to be a good listener.. I was attracted to read it because I think if one day someone needs me to share their problems, so I can try to be a good listener as well..

About the article that I read…there are some tips to be a good listener..and I’m sure it is very useful to us..

Actually, listen is an essential part of communication and it’s different from hearing. More advantage that we can get if we can be a good listener. Its help to solve problems, to see the world through the eyes of others. We can learn a lot from listening.

Tips to be a good listener :

Place yourself in other person shoes
- it means that you must try to look at the issues from the other person’s perspective and actively trying to see his/her point view. It is not a good idea to consider yourself to be smarter than speaker.

Stop talking/be silent
- Many people think that silent is awkward and want to fill it with their own thought. Put aside your own needs, and wait for the other person to talk at their own part.

Follow and encourage the speaker with body language
- Nodding your head will indicate your hear what the speaker is saying and will encourage them to continue. Adopting body postures, position and movements that are similar to the speaker to relax and open up more.

Do not interrupt, be patient and respect pauses.
- do not jump to speak up after the speaker has come to his/her conclusion or resolution and there is a pause. You can always come back with your solutions or suggestion next time you talk.

Ask meaningful and empowering questions.
- do not seek to probe or make the other person defensive. Rather, aim to use questions as a means by which the speaker can begin to reach his/her own conclusion about the concerns or issues being raised.

In my opinion, this article is very useful so that we can improve ourselves to be a good partner to others. I can conclude that its not easy to be a good listener but we can try to be a good listener.

tQ..hehe!! enjoy it!!

my ideal car

The product that would be compared is Bugatti Car which is Royal 1930 and 2008 Veyron 16.4. Both car made of Bugatti group. Firstly, the engine of these two car. Royale 1930 engine is a straight eight engine measured 784 cubic inches and its offer a 100mph top speed. It was really a long-chassis Type 35/38 with a larger supercharged engine. About Bugatti 2008 Veyron 16.4, the engine is a mid engine supercar that produced by Volkswagen group and it is the fastest production car.

The model design of Bugatti Royale 1930 mostly was built with narrow torpedo based on sport car bodies. Bugatti is an exclusive model so only six were manufactured and each had considerable presence due to their massive and distinct body. It is large luxury car with 4.3m (169.3 in) wheelbase and 6.4 (21ft) overall length. Bugatti 2008 Veyron 16.4 model design consists of two trim levels which are based on Pur Sang model design car. As an exclusive car of course it will design exclusively such as wheels, it is design specifically 20 inches in front, 21 inches out back. Bugatti 2008 Veyron 16.4 model design bigger and long compares to Royale 1930. The shape is more exclusive in design.

Then, comparison the top speed between these two models of Bugatti car. Bugatti Royale 1930 top speed is capable only 90mph (at 4500 RPM) and it is did not have the performance potential of the car which could exceed 125mph. Top speed Bugatti Veyron 16.4 powered by a 16-cylinder “W” configured engine is fed by four turbochargers and features 64 valves, generating 1001 horse-power at 6000 rpm. Based on this top speed, this Bugatti model car can reach 408.47km/h (253.81mph) which means it faster than Bugatti Royale 1930 model.

For the doors, it was very different in how to open the door. Royale 1930 model, the door is open at the front while Veyron 16.4 is open normally like the others car. This differences shows that the old and the new car that had been produced under Bugatti’s Group.

Based on the point, can conclude that the new model Bugatti’s car is better than the Royale 1930. Even though the old car is antique but it must compared by the quality of the car and it is suitable for this era.